"Adventures of Square" v2.1 released - A Long Overdue Update

Hey, everybody. Welcome back!

So, it's been a while and we're pretty busy, but we finally have an update pushed out the door just in time for QuakeCon!

Here are the changes for the new version, 2.1! Grab it in the Downloads Page!


  • Upgraded GZDoom engine to v4.1.3. Time marches on! (This will affect your existing config - you may need to reset it).
  • Fixed the crash that occurs when dropping a crate that is picked up.
  • Fixed the "multiplayer desync" that occurred when a player jumped. Yeah, I know. Very confusing.
  • Changed some menu fonts to include lower-case letters, and tweaked some messages for aesthetic reasons!
  • All sound is now compressed! Smaller download, and not too much different with the sound quality!

For Modders (and MDK)

  • The Air Control constant that makes Square "more platform-y" is now applied to ALL maps including new ones, so you don't have to replace an existing map in order to get it. It also shouldn't interfere with custom Air Control, if set via MAPINFO.
  • The entirety of Square's actor code has been updated to ZScript. No more DECORATE. Be aware that this may affect some existing mods.
  • Added "Effect Zone" scripts to the global library - this can be a big help for turning ambient effects on and off as players move through your maps.


  • The Hellshell Launcher no longer fires if you switch to it while holding down the fire button (for safety reasons).
  • Adjusted the accuracy of the single Oozi (now about as accurate as the Quadcannon).
  • Weapon projectile offsets were adjusted due to rendering issues.
  • Fixed the "Hot Sauce Keeping Invulnerability Between Maps" bug.


  • Fixed up E1 maps - misalignments, added "Effect Zones" for performance reasons.
  • Fixed up E2 maps - misalignments, added "Effect Zones" as well.
  • Changed how non-bubbly lava damages players (more forgiving).
  • E2A1 had an intermission camera that was stuck to the ceiling. Awkward!
  • Fixed some navigational issues on E2A2.
  • Goodbye giant Orange Building in E2A3 that added 5 to 10 min. of unnecessary play time.
  • E2A5's small jelly cubes were terrible. So we made them bigger!
  • E2A6's mandatory tent was opened. Too many players missed it, and we didn't convey its "openability" enough. Our bad.
  • Moved an Envirosuit in E2A6.
  • Made bubbly lava not bubbly on E2A6.
  • Made the Pyramid Key in E2A6 a bit tougher to speedrun to.
  • E2A7's yellow armor was too easy to jump to, and completely broke sequence too easily.
  • Gave E1A10 a facelift of sorts.
  • Some Thing Flag fixes on E2A10.
  • E2A11 has some more graphical acoutrement.
  • The secret exit to E2A12 is a little easier to get to.
  • Hello, DM05! So THAT'S where the Orange Building in E2A3 went!


  • Made the Eyescreamer a bit heavier so he doesn't go flying too fast when getting shot.
  • The Oozi Jerk has a small delay before firing plus a warning sound.
  • Jetpack Jerks now have a small delay before firing.
  • Ovolt/airvolt death explosions have a smaller radius and deal less damage. However, the Revolt death is a little larger and more damaging!


  • Some shootable, non-threatening objects drew Autoaim fire. This has been fixed.
  • The "Bubbling Goop" effect never turned off its ambient noise if deactivated.
  • Removed "Hardware Gamma" from the menu. It is obsolete.

Phew! That's a lot! Thanks for being patient with us this past year. We're really glad that people like the game, and there will be more Square coming up.



Download Episodes 1 & 2 (Windows build, v2.1) 53 MB
Jun 23, 2019
Download Episodes 1 & 2 (OSX build, v2.1) 57 MB
Jun 23, 2019

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Have'nt tried it out yet, just saw it from the DUSK twitter. Watched the youtube video though - it looks amazing! I love the art-style. It made me think of a love child between doom and commander keen! Have you shown this to the old ID team? Im sure Tom would love it